1:1 Training

It is looking like I’m close to fully kicking this cold and I was back at Body Design this morning.  There are supposed to be three other brave souls with me each morning but for various reasons I was the only one that made it today.   You might be thinking how wonderful that I essentially got personal training today for the cost of a group session.   You would be correct but there is such a thing as too much personal attention. 🙂   Our trainer always pushes us regardless of group size but 1:1 he is can be much more diligent about making sure you put in every second and rep you are supposed to.   It is actually a good thing and I know I got a great workout even if my sore muscles argue differently tonight.

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Back In The Gym

I got back in the Body Design Gym this morning even though I’m still struggling a bit with a lingering cold.  I followed the old rule of it being safe to workout as long as I didn’t have fever or cough.  I just didn’t go all out and stopped when I got out of breath.  I knew I had to get back in the gym since I had to miss Monday and Wednesday this week. 

It was leg day which is always challenging.  Today they added a new “track” of essentially running around the short block near the gym.  That’s fine except that the area is a little sketchy lately but I guess that is all the more reason to run faster. 

My trainer continues to add awesome new weekend activities to get folks outside for cardio.  They are hosting events such as whitewater rafting, skydiving, and capture the flag.  It’s a little sneaky but helpful for folks to have fun activities where they don’t even realize they are really exercising in the process.  If I feel better tomorrow, I’m definitely going to get out there and participate. 

Have a great weekend!

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Week 10: Weigh In Results

This week I had a bigger drop than I’ve had in a  while and knocked off 4.6 pounds for a total of 32.4 pounds since starting in early January.  Guess I just need to complete a half marathon every week! 🙂

This week represents an important milestone as I’ve now lost 10% of my body weight. As always, more details can be found on my progress page and thanks to you all for the continued support!

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ING Half Done – Next Challenge?

As many of you already know from my Facebook posts yesterday, I finished the ING Half Marathon on Sunday and in the process helped raise money to fight leukemia/lymphoma plus shaved about 8 minutes off my time from last year. I was still among the slower people out there but at least I finished!

Now I’m looking for my next challenge or big milestone – any ideas?   I love the high and sense of accomplishment from endurance events but they do take almost 5 months of training and every Saturday morning to do it with Team in Training.  I think my biggest goal at this point will likely be to lose another 30 pounds so I can fit in all those “skinny” dress pants in the back of my closet.  Of course summer is also sneaking up on us so maybe there will have to be a beach trip in there and we all know that means looking good for the new swimsuit. 🙂

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Week 9: Weigh In Results

This week I dropped a little less than last but still managed to knock off 1.4 pounds for a total of 27.8 pounds since starting in early January.  As always, more details can be found on my progress page and thanks to you all for the continued support!

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Bulging Biceps…Well Sort Of

I was back at Body Design this morning at the ungodly hour of 6AM rocking the biceps and back muscles.  However small my bicep muscles are they were indeed bulging this morning. 

I was going to skip out on the gym Friday morning so I wouldn’t be aching for the ING Half Marathon on Sunday.  My trainer guy though told me that I should go ahead and come in to focus on cardio only where my legs will be loose for the big race.  I’m very excited about the race but SO not excited about doing it in the rain that is currently forecast.

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8 Miles Down – One Week Left

I knocked out 8 miles this morning with Team in Training as part of my preparation for the ING Half Marathon.  It is hard to believe it is just one week away now.  Surprisingly the leg workout at Body Design yesterday didn’t make this morning as painful as I would have expected.  The training has been tough but it’s nothing compared to what people with cancer go through.   Have a great rest of the weekend!

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Week 8: Weigh In Results

This week I dropped 2.4 more pounds for a total 26.4 down since starting at the first of the year.  I’m especially excited to have crossed the 25 pound mark.  Next stop is the 10% loss milestone which I’m about 7 pounds away from.  As always, more details can be found on my progress page and thanks to you all for the support!

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Monthly Fitness Profile Results

I got my monthly fitness profile results at Body Design this morning.  They do a comprehensive review of my fitness once a month which looks at body fat, endurance, strength, and flexibility.  The biggest changes were losing 3 inches off my waist and 2.5 inches off my hips.  Unfortunately I lost a little lean body mat (muscle) but I lost more fat mass so I was still able to drop 1.86% of body fat over the last month. 

Weekly Weight Watchers weigh-in results come tomorrow.

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Getting Back

I got back in the Body Design gym this morning to work on chest, shoulders, and triceps.  It’s kind of sad that I still can’t do 10 regular push-ups but I’m getting there.  On the plus side, my shoulder pain seems to be lessening so that is encouraging.  

I also started the morning off with a healthy breakfast of grilled chicken, high fiber muffin, and low-fat cheese.  I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t still dreaming a bit about that Belgian waffle from the Four Seasons yesterday with homemade cream.  The real trick lies in keeping it going for the rest of the day.  I’ve certainly started back on the right track again and just need to make it to the end of the day to be back in the rhythm I think.

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