Out Sick

Unfortunately it looks like I’m going to miss the next two days of training at the gym due to a sinus infection and bronchitis.  I can’t belive I’m actually disappointed to not be able to be there.   I’m not disappointed though in the least to be missing out on any sprints the group has to run while I’m away but that is a subject for a different post.   The Fat Drop contest ends in just a few weeks so I’m particularly sensitive to missing any opportunity to push my way into the top 3 finishers but some things can’t be helped. 

On the plus side, I’m staying on my food plan even though I’m not in the gym for a few days.  I must admit though that last night I almost said screw it and decided I deserve a few extra rolls since I feel crummy but ultimately decided that’s at least a part of how I ended up where I am in the first place.  I can rationalize most any opportunity to eat.   Fortunately I was eating dinner with a good friend who encouraged me to stay on track. 

Weekly weigh-in results coming tomorrow!

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  1. LOL…..what about the friend you spoke with on the phone? NO EXCUSES — it’s just a sinus infection mister!

  2. Here’s to feeling better soon!

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