Lest any of you think I’ve turned into a complete Mr. Sunshine about working out and diet who doesn’t come up short, it has been a really rough few days.  I totally ditched working out on Monday morning.  I also haven’t been doing any of my Team in Training stuff this week.  Add to that I’ve been eating sort of poorly.  I’ve been frustrated about some personal items and overwhelmed at work so it has manifested itself in unhealthy habits.

I doubt I’ll ever really look forward to working out but I have been missing the feeling of “accomplishment” from being in the gym and just getting it done. 

I’m dragging myself back to the gym tomorrow morning.  While I haven’t been “good” about my food, I have been logging it all and not allowing myself to completely go off the track.  One wheel of the train is off the rail and the sparks are flying so I’m working to pull it back on course.  I’m also trying to remember it’s not about how often you fail but how quickly you pick yourself back up and go again.

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  1. Last sentence says it all. Great philosophy!
    Who said it would be easy?

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