Avoiding The Slippery Slope

I really wasn’t feeling up to going to the gym this morning.  I had a late night at the Civic Center for the Diana exhibit which was very cool by the way.  Then I had to come home and do more work.  😦  Plus, I’m slated to do 10 miles tomorrow with Team in Training as we get closer to the ING Half Marathon.  I woke up at 5:30 and sent a note to my trainer that I wasn’t going to make it today.  I thought through a whole range of creative excuses including saying that my car broke down but ultimately decided the truth was best and just said I wouldn’t be in. 

I went back to sleep with fantasies of resting until at least 7 but continued to toss and turn.  I wasn’t feeling guilty, per se, about not going to the gym but was afraid that if I started to interrupt my routine that it would become easier and easier to not go.   Ultimately I got up and called my trainer at Body Design who was able to get me in at Noon.  I was really glad that I stuck with it and made it happen.  I lived to tell about it and it wasn’t quite as painful as I feared.  

I found out that the guy going this week’s sessions – drill sergeant guy – is only 26.  No wonder he has so much freaking energy! 

I’m sure there will be days when I do just simply take a break and don’t go to the trainer as scheduled.  However, I want to be judicious about them and avoid the slippery slope back to being a total couch potato.

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