The Cheeseburger and Fries Diversion

I tend to be a bit of a black and white thinker about some things in my life. It’s all or nothing.  This is especially true for me around watching what I eat and exercising.  It is strange that this doesn’t apply for me to other life areas but that is for an entirely different post…lol.  I’ve found this to be a dangerous way of thinking when it comes to weight loss since it is easy for me to get off track and then just say forget it for the remainder of the week which turns into six months.

This weekend I was headed to Fox Brothers BBQ with some friends and had carefully planned out my meals plus saved up the right amount of Weight Watchers points.  The line was crazy long so we ended up at a different restaurant with limited choices of sides and I ate regular french fries plus a cheeseburger. GASP!  For a moment, I thought all was lost.  I was also feeling a bit frustrated because with all the good intention of planning I had ended up somewhere I didn’t plan to be.  I know it sounds a bit dramatic but they were awfully good and I could just see the downward spiral in my head. 

The next morning I just remembered what my old WW leader used to say – nobody is fat because of Thanksgiving Dinner. Similarly, nobody is chubby because of one night of splurging.  This time I made a conscious decision to get right back on track the next morning and just do the best I can.  I also got back in the gym at Body Design today for chest and shoulders. At the end of the day, it’s not about being perfect – it’s just about making a little bit smarter choices over time.

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  1. Wow! Great! Waydego!!

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